Friday, July 24, 2009

my Life is soooo Awesome!

i sit at a desk after-hours feeling like i'm inside a hot pocket.
(but not the hot pocket i'd like to be in- HAHA!)

Time passes as i spin in my office chair. 3-2-1 lift off go my feet from the floor and weee! Yes, surely spinning in circles 5x will help BALANCE my equilibrium. Brilliant!

I get to listen to The Blow-which is the perfect band for all nerdy hot lesbian librarians in their 20's....(not that i'm any of those things)with a little bit of a kinky side
(strap-ons anyone??)

I'm fantasizing about double eyebrow piercings-

And getting oddly turned on by images of robots fucking hot sluts on their backs.
haha no i'm just in a vulgar mood (but robots fucking women is making me a new kind of wet)

i want to go on....but somethings telling me to stop. Guess i'll finish later lol
(or will i? *suspicious darting eyes*)


  1. You are awesome ! Wet may short-circuit the robot... but it could be electrifying :) Sorry - that was way too dorky...

  2. haha no such thing!!!!!!