Sunday, November 22, 2009

this is what i'm really doing when you see me sitting at my desk

I was sitting- i mean keeping busy doing my job at work, watching people go by. A girl, bout 7 years old, passed, tugging her shirt down over her swimsuit. It crossed my mind "Kids shouldn't be so self conscious."

Then i thought about it. The word "should" is more often then not awful. And who am i to say kids aught to be one way or another? (esp. in this time)

And what a great study it would be: self consciousness within the time line of a life. Hmm--

-i know i'm not phrasing everything right, but it's concept not content

You think you're so advanced....

Has anyone else forgotten that we're still wearing plants as clothes?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

the random questions and observations i almost forgot

1) Listening to Nine Inch Nails is like getting fucked by the Terminator or Frank Castle.

2) What would be the difference between a zombie filled with blood and a zombie filled with embalming fluid?

3) Hardship always benefits someone

4) An honest person makes the best liar.

5) A necrophiliac has sex with a zombie. Is pregnancy a possibility?

so life has come to this:

Sitting at work, drinking coffee, google-ing images of baby sloths...

and crying-cuz they're just so damn cute.