Sunday, June 27, 2010


when you look for meaning in everything, everything becomes meaningless

Every body is
When you know them

they can easily be

Well Ain't That A Bitch

I hate the pain
of loving...

I hate the pain
of not...

My Little Friend Would Like This

For the biggest part of me
I can't understand

Why i grieve the loss of a bee
Before i grieve the loss of a man


I’m surrounded by fog
Too thick to see through

I can hardly breathe
Hardly think
Hardly be

Eventually, maybe
Some day I’ll escape

But for now I think I’ll just sleep

How am i doing?

I’m dealing with the loss
Of a friend
And a best friend

Irony is
I’ve lost them both
To other people

this needs a title...

I built a house atop a hill, and made it glorious and mine.

I sat by the window watching the stormy waves crash against the cliffs.
I listened to the plump rain drops splatter against the glass.
And I was thankful.

The sun woke me to a new day; its gentle rays embraced me with the deepest love one could know.
My heart and mouth unified in a smile.
My skin sang and my soul echoed.

And the ground shook.
The sky cracked.
The light dissipated with a grey-blue backdrop.

I watched my arched ceiling concave.
I felt dust from the drywall flutter into my eyes.
I pulled the pillow over my head and let the dark encompass me.

Recovered I stand-
Atop a hill of trash
Atop a hill split in two

…Atop my glorious rubble of which I’ll make mine