Friday, July 31, 2009

Conflict! How Doth Thou Find Me With Such Ease?

A new conflict has risen in my mind:

Studies show shapes are associated with pitches.
Studies also show shapes being linked to gender.
What happens when the gender doesn’t match the pitch???

I’m going to go out on a limb her and saying gender traits are learned and often stereotypical( unless they are an archetype which are universal hence considered truth in my books)- they’re a cultural phenomena more so than an exact science.

When you think of a circle you can hear a low pitched tone most of the time.
When you think of a triangle a higher pitch may come to mind.

But circles are generally associated with women and triangles with men- and women are generally linked to higher pitches and men to lower. Maybe that’s just my take, or American culture’s perspective. But none the less it’s conflicting (to my mind).

Perhaps it’s more size than shape that dictates pitch.
But isn’t size generally associated with volume?

Oh golly I’m so thrown off right now…. if anybody out there has an idea PLEASE- talk to me!

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