Friday, July 31, 2009

most of my concept of shallow detail

okay so pretty much life is a glowing orb(the color of the orb may be associated with your aura) with a silk ribbon spiraling down it and eventually winding up itself. (If it reaches back to the top then the individual has become self-actualized or possibly altruistic by the time of death.)
(*also it should be noted that the color of the ribbon indicates the over-all path you took in life -the energies you based actions upon, etc)

Inside the glowing orb is You. there are many layers and dimensions of You- indicating depth of consciousness and perspective. Also, the little spec we call You is divided (typically into the ID, EGO, and SUPER-EGO-)but is subject to change based on the individual. At the core of You there are 7 different energies known as chakras.

So basically the glowing orb is existence and the spiralling ribbon is the execution. Any questions??

haha- told you it was shallow detail.

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  1. Not so shallow at all... My copy is hanging on my wall !!!